Knit Coaching

Book a private session with Knit Coach Annie Albertson!
Annie can help you with:

-Project selection
-Pattern reading
-Getting started
-Tricks and tips
-New skills
-Trouble shooting
-Finishing and blocking
-Repairing knitted garments
-And more!

It’s super easy to book a session: Click HERE and pick the date and time that works for you. You’ll meet Annie at Dappled Fern in the Maker’s Studio and have access to the the shop for yarn and supplies, even if it’s after hours.

Choose a mini-30 minute session ($20) for help choosing a project or fixing a quick issue like a dropped stitch or a full 60-min session ($35) for help learning a new skill or fixing a bigger issue.

Working with Annie might be great if you:

-Like to tackle a new project or skill with an expert on hand.
-Thrive in one-on-one, in person, distraction free settings.
-Want to learn to knit or to learn an advanced knitting skill.
-Need help with a leeeeetle knitting snafu or major disaster.
-Are in town and looking for something fun to do!

BOOK NOW with Knit Coach Annie!

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