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Well Rooted Tea

Well Rooted Tea

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"Well-Rooted Teas are loose-leaf herbal teas crafted with plants from local organic farmers blended with foraged botanicals native to our region. These infusions of herbs, roots, leaves, fruits and berries nourish the body and are grown and harvested in a manner which promotes the health of our environment.   

The ingredients are grown by local farmers or foraged with permission from private lands and according to wildcrafting sustainability guidelines.

As a part of our mission, we strive to support our local agricultural community and purchase from local farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We only purchase ingredients from farms employing sustainable farming practices that promote healthy soils, reject any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, do not use GMOs, and conserve natural resources through responsible farming practices, demonstrate exceptional ecological stewardship, and most are certified organic. " - Rachel Banken - Owner/Creator  

  • Up North - White pine needles, spearmint, nettles, tulsi, and a dusting of maple syrup.
  • Bee Well - Anise hyssop, red clover, tulsi, lemon balm, elderflower, elderberry, calendula, andhoney flakes.
  • Calm - A soothing blend of nature's calming remedies to ease frayed nerves. Tulsi, lavender, spearmint, peppermint, milky oats, elderflower.
  • Nurture -
  • Autumn - A soothing blend of warth to sustain you for the cooler days ahead. Ginger, staghorn sumac berries, lemongrass, and nettle.